grandma“With great courage and love, I reveal my inner truth.” ~n.w.

I think about my grandma often these days. I miss her and love her much. Seems like, only after her passing I have a better understanding and appreciation for the depth of her soul and the strength of who she really was.

I think about her often these days especially in this time of gathering great courage to DO what I was born to do: be me. I remember how much she was proud of me. I didn’t really appreciate it then, I thought she was just being dramatic and a loyal and proud grandma. Isn’t that what all grandmothers do? Isn’t it their job and duty to “be proud” regardless of the what is being done? I took her praise, her accolades, her edification of me for granted. I never really took her words to heart. Always thought she was saying it out of obligation rather than fact.

The other day, my four year old son scolded me (No. Don’t say that!) for saying “Good job!” to him for doing something that truly impressed me. So I explained to him, its OK, I don’t have to tell him Good Job if he doesn’t want to hear it but I’m still going to think it and he doesn’t get to control what I think. He pauses for a moment, then tells me “Say it.” “Say Good Job.” And I do. And in response, he gave me a meek smile.

Hearing encouraging words do count. Hearing loved ones say out loud in their own voice the light they see in you is important and does count. Hearing this gathers more courage to stand up and keep doing your best. And I encourage you to speak on the good you see in others. To their face. Tell them in your own voice, from your heart, that you DO see them and see the value in what they do.