Today I really wanted to pick up some kale from the farmer’s market. I’ve never seen kale at the market before but today I said to myself, I want to get some kale. We went, and it was there! The last bunch of kale was there and waiting just for me to buy it.

Getting back in tune.

Last week I was sick with a sinus infection. No fun. But I did what I needed to do to get better: rest, drink water and apple cider vingar, eat miso soup, shots of water, lemon, apple cider vinegar, raw garlic and cayenne pepper, abstain from sweets, eat lots of oranges and grapefruit and neti pot nasal flushes. Basically, I made it my mission to take care of myself to get the relief I needed. And I did.

I’ve been blessed with a low tolerance for physical discomfort. This is a good thing when I’m sick because I push myself to do what ever it takes to get well again. Now I’d like to embrace this side of myself again, sans sickness, and get back into tune and taking loving care of myself. And what does this look like?







Falling off the wagon and getting back on every time.

But most of all,

not taking myself too serious.

Yes, there was kale. I claimed it before even arriving at the market. I am that powerful because I am a mere reflection of God. I said it. And I know it to be true, right now. The next minute, next day or week, I might forget and believe some really ridiculous and self destructing stuff but eventually I’ll remember the Truth. Just gotta keep taking care of myself because taking care of myself is equivalent to loving myself. And loving myself is equivalent to loving God.

And the self care can look different each time. It can be a maple log donut, a chocolate bar, kale salad, a walk on the beach, watching a funny netflix flick, reading Tao Te Ching, showering my boys with kisses, telling the toddler mommy needs quiet time, not folding the laundry, leaving the house at 10 pm for alone time at the grocery store, admitting that I feel like I’m a horrible mommy, feeling joyous living in Hawaii, considering moving options back home, Yes, what I do one day may seem to contradict what I do another day. But honestly, this is me. And Accepting myself, all of me, is the most loving thing I can do.

Like right now, I just reread what I wrote and I feel like trashing it. But I won’t. Gotta document this roller coaster ride of life.

Question to myself: why is it easier for me to share my thoughts than my artwork????

Stay tuned……art to come……..