hearth keeperI feel excited! Eager for what’s coming. I can smell it and almost taste it but certainly most of all I can FEEL it. Change is coming. BIG change! I don’t know how, I just know it IS. My fire has been lit or rather, fed….

for I am the Hearth Keeper of my inner world, my sanctuary. I have done a very good job of keeping my fire going even when it dwindle, even when there was barely a glow. This fire has been tended with Love, Attention and Tender Care. I diligently kept watch night and day, day and night. She did not burn out nor did she blazingly devour herself. Just little by little I fed the fire just what she needed moment by moment. And now the flames are stronger, burning brightly, bolder, bigger. Eating, feeding on what must be transformed, transmuted, transcended. The knowing grows. The clarity comes. The Light is here created by the burning of What Was to light the way of What Is to come. I can see. I can see in the dark. I can see in the light. My vision holds true and steady in my inner world.

I Am the Faithful Hearth Keeper. Keeper of the Light.