IMG_0095Thank you!

In one month, my birthday will be here. I am too excited and thrilled to know that my birthday is coming. I am happy to be alive. And not just surviving, I have a good life filled with love, respect, beauty and joy. It’s a very good life, one that I appreciate and enjoy.

And with my birthday coming around the corner, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the days in my life where I felt almost the complete opposite. Challenged. Overwhelmed. Lost. Hopeless.

I remember a time when I wanted this to end.  I remember a time when I felt powerless. I remember a time when I was the victim. I remember a time when I had no expectations to see another day, let alone another year.

I recently had the pleasure of returning to my hometown, Brooklyn, New York. It was a sweet trip back home, reconnecting with family and friends. Getting recharged with Love, Laughter and Living. This trip awakened a newfound love and respect for my journey before this moment in time. My whole Brooklyn childhood was a change agent. It sparked the needed desire within me to reach and travel beyond the borders of my neighborhood. And all of my experiences since then led me to this very moment of full appreciation for life.

Today I say Thank You for now and then.