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I love that smile!

I love to smile. Really, I do. It makes me feel good.

But there are too many days where I find myself scowling at my boys. Too many days when I feel insane in the membrane and my face reflects it. Well, if you remember, not long ago, I hit my wall and have actively reached out for support in my world of wife-mother-hearthkeeper.

I reconnected with a long lost friend: the genuine smile.

See, because I enjoy smiling so much, many times you’ll find me smiling for no reason at all. I smile at this. I smile at that. Its an unconscious habit. A programmed reaction to almost anything.

One evening, after writing something deep and moving in my journal about my choices in life, I was excited about going to bed. And the one thought on my mind: ” I gotta get to bed because I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and play with my boys.” It was real. Authentic. Something new but True.

And that next morning, when I woke up (or rather when they woke me up), I looked into their eyes. I gazed into their beaming light and it lifted me. Lifted my sleepy head and inspired a smile to my lips. It felt good. Real good. And it was received. Live and direct. A meeting of the souls.

So every day now since that morning, I do my best to allow my heart to open, see and take in the light of their souls and allow it to inspire and part these lips into a genuine smile. And guess what, the smile they give back comes from an other dimension that reaches back beyond this world, lifetime, reality and into timeless eternity.  Almost to say, ” I see you. Always have. Always will. We are One.”

The genuine smile: A loving response to recognizing the divinity within each.

Try it sometime. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what greets you back.