I’m up way too late again. Oh well. I feel like I’m being productive working on this blog that no one but me is currently reading.

Gotta make the donuts.

Doing my best to figure out how to navigate in this cyberspace journal contraption. The pen and paper are my best friends. How I love the act of turning pages, of feeling my pen glide smoothly across the paper, lined paper. I so enjoy making lists and drawing dots, circles, flowers, whatever my heart fancies as bullets. How flexible and unique but above all, how On My Own Terms I can write my thoughts out on paper. Simple sweet and serene paper. Aaaahhhhh. And now I look at the time. I’ve now spent at least the last hour trying to figure out where my text went. The text/heading in a small box thingamajig on the home page…where did you go? I was only trying to change the background texture which I Did Successfully. But why did you go away? And why does it now read No Results Found instead of Recent Work???

I don’t have time to learn by making mistakes. No time.

Just pass me the cheat sheet so I can get to doing what I must do.