I love God. He She It goes by so many names. I feel most comfortable using God. Love. Creator. Universe. Great Mystery. Infinite Wisdom. Life. All Knowing.

This thing, being, energy, the nameless, formless, boundless force is me. is you.

tonight i feel like giving voice to the love i feel for this force. the love i know is real within me and everyone and every being. animate and inanimate. and i love it.

my heart is open right in this moment. rare and beautiful moment and i’d like to share this with you.

Love loves you. Love loves being loved. Love is always loving. Even when it may look like the exact opposite.

Cause truly when Love is All, and it is All, there is no opposites. only different perspectives. and even then, its all One. Tonight i wrote an email to a friend and mentioned that the beautiful big benevolent trees: fruiting trees, evergreens, fragrant trees, all the trees we deem “good” and “lifegiving” (the giving tree), all of these trees roots go down deep in the muck and mire and the dark earth. And in this darkness sh*t is transformed into nutrients, into the building blocks of what’s needed to be that beautiful big tree. And this dirt is full with creepy crawlers and other rotting and decaying matter that is truly necessary to life. it is life.

my son’s in his stage of asking WHY? for almost everything. And no matter what answer I give there’s a WHY? to follow.¬†And when i am patient, I do my best to give him answers. And since it seemingly goes on and on and on, it makes me think just how everything is truly connected and how everything is necessary and needed. When there is a need, the answer to that need comes. And sometimes that is what I must tell him: “because it is necessary. it is needed.” I may not know why? but I do know that the creative force, God, Great Mystery, the Universe, Love, makes everything. Big and Small. And every little thing is necessary. We may not be able to see the BIG picture with our limited knowledge, understanding and perspectives but when we listen to and trust our hearts we can know LOVE and know the force is All knowing and All seeing and All Accepting.

And I’m learning to accept. Firstly, myself and all the facets of my being. Secondly, all the reflections of Love: you, my family, my community, my country, my world.

And tonight in the spirit of Acceptance, I feel good and I feel Loved. And just wanted to share.