my wish flowerMy wish for moms all over the world: a  live-in personal chef, house keeper, family counselor and a reliable and trustworthy babysitter all at her disposal whenever she wants and needs any or all of it

Right now I feel as though I’m running on fumes. Especially since incorporating “doing things for me” over the past few weeks including dance classes, dance rehearsals and performances, women’s gatherings, zumba classes, date night…. And yes, I’ve enjoyed myself tremendously but the bathroom still needs a good scrub, grocery shopping must get done as well as other daily/weekly chores, plus making time to play with the children, teach the children, feed and change the children and general maintenance of all things home and family. By the way, have you seen my hair lately? Please don’t laugh. But it’s horrendous. And that is a 4-hour job waiting to happen. When? Gotta steal the time from somewhere. And yet another wish for every mom: a personal resident/on-call hairstylist

Oh! And one more for the list:

a personal cheering squad.

Yes, whenever you score that point: keep a toddler from having a meltdown or create a nutritious meal for four with a budget of $10 (or less) or catch a windblown tent with one arm while having a nursing baby in the other, Yes, some hand clapping and high-5 slapping, we could all use a good cheering squad to keep our spirits high and our esteems strong.

But, I will also take the unexpected applause from my 10month old who one day after nursing, came off the boob with a huge smile and clapping hands (aaahhhh that’s good milk!). Thank goodness for the small and magical moments of life. Makes it all worth it.

Seriously, those small fleeting and precious moments are the stitches that hold me together. Too many times, I feel like I’m coming apart at the seams, like I’m not built to handle it, and then here comes a little moment that pulls me together a little tighter making me think, “I got this.”