eyes can see 1

I am so much more than what the eye sees.
Yes. I do identify with being Black. a woman. an African-American. an artist. a native New Yorker. a dancer. a mother. a wife. a photographer. a daughter. a sister. a friend.
Yes. My identity is important.
Yes. I identify myself by the roles I play and what and who and where attracts me.
But I am careful not to stop there.
It doesn’t stop here.
My identity is not a wall. It is not a box. It is not a border because
I cannot be contained.
I am limitless.
My identity: the who/what/why/when of how I move in the world is just that.
It is the anchor of what gives me weight. It is my gravity allowing me to soar. Fly high and wide as I can, to the highest heights only I can imagine.
In my own image. my own imaginings.
I love who I identify myself to be in this world. Playing these roles is fun mostly, interesting always. And anytime a play.

For who I really am. is No Joke.
Cuz who I really am is Beyond any identity in this world as we know it.
Who I really am is a Force. A Force to be reckoned with.
I Am Pure Energy. Light and Love beyond Love. I Am the Truth.
I am uncontainable for I am the container and its contents within and without.
I am the giver and the gift, the receiver and the exchange.
I am greater than anything, anyone, any idea, because
I Am everything under the light of the sun and the moon.
I Am the light. I am the All.
I Am the world beyond worlds. I Am One. One. Whole and Complete.
I Am the ultimate expression of Source.
And if you see me? You see you. We are One.
Whole. Complete. No beginning. No ending.