grateful picSo grateful.

That’s how I’m feeling right now in this moment. Tomorrow is not promised to us. And yesterday can never exist today.

Every waking moment is new.

Every day is a new day.

This past week was filled with fevers, vomit, diarrhea, oozing buggas: the boys were sick. It was hard. It’s difficult to witness the reality of your child’s mortality. And today? Today they were bouncing around as if nothing happened. Back to their normal energy level: through-the-roof.  The only sign that remains is my 5 year old’s skinny body that lost 3 pounds, which is almost like me losing 20. Skin and bones.

Now over the hump of that mess (literally and figuratively) I have a deepened appreciation of health and the quality of time spent. High quality preferred and now required.

So today in this moment I am choosing to give myself the gift of Luxury. The luxury of fully occupying the eternal space of each precious moment. Savoring the ripeness of it all: a kiss, a hug, a pregnant pause, the whisper of the wind and even the comic relief of my inner critic.

No holding back, cutting off parts of the present moment by giving my attention to the nonexistent future or past. Why cheapen my luxurious and priceless moment of Now?

I Am Here Now. Now Here. No Where. Yet everywhere.