Aloha! And Happy New Year and Happy Day ūüôā

Its been a minute since I’ve posted here. There is much creativity happening on the scene.¬†Last night I was part of a wonderful fashion show “Buy Conscious” evening to showcase local talent at the Honolulu Ka’aako Agora.

It was a safe space for me to show and sell my work as well as do some live art yall. Can you believe it?! Selling art. Live art. Gasp!

At the start of that day, I considered¬†doing live art¬†but in¬†the real time flow¬†of the day, playing the roles of mother, wife, dance teacher, and then hurriedly getting the logistics of packing/displaying my artwork, I didn’t remember to pack the necessary tools needed for live art until we were¬†already in the car driving off to the venue.

I told myself, “Oh, well. That’s OK. I’ll just enjoy being present and being there.”

And when I arrived on the scene and set-up, like Whoa! My friend and artist Nikila was there setting up next to me.

Wow! I just love her energy and love her artwork.

Yes, I love it so much, at first, I was intimidated by setting up next to her. Our styles are very different. And in my opinion, I see her as a seasoned professional artist, in the game for many years. We chatted and caught up since much time had passed since our last meeting. Then she began to set up her live art station behind her table.

As the set-up of the venue continues, I walk around, make small talk, while eyeing Nikila get to work making art. Yum! I just couldn’t resist the call of the creativity in the air. So I went into a mad dash to find what I could use to make some art. I brought¬†a roll of butcher paper I planned to use to¬†wrap the prints. I cut a large swatch from that roll. Paper – check. Now Where? Mmm. Its paper, no easel, no board, no backing. But I have Blue Tape. I wrap either end of the brown paper to the wooden beams and¬†adhere it with the tape with the help of my husband. Impromptu Easel – check. Now for the drawing¬†tools. Mmmm. I go into the back office and find 2 Sharpie markers, 1 Dry Erase marker, 1 broken stick of white chalk and a box of crayons. Drawing¬†tools – check.

I stand in front of the blank piece of paper attempting to see what is not yet there. Mmmm. What What What should I draw???

And then she came.