action is required


Action is required at this time.

I’ve been wanting, waiting, hoping for inspired action. You know that feeling that just moves you to dance, to paint, to create! How beautiful, how sexy how romantic, that notion of inspired action. Beautiful clean bright inspiration. Inspire. In spirit.

But what if you feel disconnected to spirit?

What if you’ve been searching and searching for the plug but have been coming up empty. Empty. Bare. Barren. Nada.

You see. That’s just it. I keep looking for the source. That energy source that obvious in-your-face obtrusive plug and outlet combo. “It’s electric!” Find it and lo and behold we can sing and boogie to the tune of The Electric Slide because we connect in a very obvious way.

I want to know Source Energy experientially but the wanting acts as a polar opposite repelling my heart’s desires. Cuz I actually do get to experience source just when the desire is gone, silent, mute. Those moments of On: Connection Made, are fleeting, subtle yet sublime; seemingly minute yet eternal.

I write this in a space of realizing my life is about to shift tremendously in my external world. Action is required. Yet I was wanting, hoping, desiring inspiration – an inner shift leading the glorious outward actions. Can’t you imagine that beautiful image of the cocoon waiting patiently for that ripe moment of birthing the butterfly, that moment of the bud magically opening up petal by petal. Beauty, ease and grace was what I wanted in my image of inspired action.

But this action I am being called required to do, looks and feels ugly. Wrapped in fear, anger, injustice, confusion, ignorance, stupidity, blame, guilt, shame.

But now is not the time to wallow in self-pity nor self-doubt.

Now is the time to act. Act and move in the direction of Better.

Anything better than this.