artist statement

I make art because I must. It is a natural and necessary extension of my existence. To maintain a healthy version of myself, I create.

I am inspired by God, Nature and Women. I am inspired by the yin-yang qualities of nature which I also see in women including myself. I study nature and women and the roles both play in our world in order to help me better understand the qualities of the soul and the essence of living. Hiking in nature, photographing flowers, observing women, exploring and journaling my inner world are some examples of how I collect the information that informs my artwork.

The concept of Universal Oneness and the Sacred Feminine that embodies this Oneness highly influences my artwork. Through figure drawing, painting, collage and photography, I use art as a tool for unearthing the human-nature-spirit connection. Through intuition and design, I weave together the details, real and imagined, to depict stories of hope, strength, truth, beauty, and meaningful qualities of the living spirit. The intangible essence of life is what I attempt to capture and connect with through my art.

Nicole M. Woo is a visual artist based in Waianae, Hawaii. You can view samples of her work in the Gallery: