I keep a journal.

I find it a helpful tool to have in my soul gardening toolbox. I use it to journal my thoughts, aspirations and emotional scale. Words, graphs, lists and sketches fill pages and pages of journals kept over the years. And recently, I’ve had the pleasure and time to review some of them and have found some hidden gems. Messages meant for the me of now.

Here’s some helpful tips for what has worked for me and maybe it can for you:

1) Honesty IS the only policy.

Be HONEST, AUTHENTIC, REAL. Your journal is your Safe Space to reveal to yourself some of your inner truths.

2) Intention. Set the intention, purpose, reason for your journal.

Sometimes I’ve kept several journals at the same time, with each one having a different purpose. It helps me discern what to write. Especially in the recent years, my journaling has focused mainly on developing my spiritual side. But in my archives include journals about healing a broken heart, nutrition, creativity, an illness, dreams and more. You get the picture.

3) Pretty perfect.

Pick out (or make) a book that is perfect for you. It can be as pretty as you like it. Or simple, plain jane. Or you can bedazzle it and make it uniquely yours. The more the physical look and feel of the book entices you, the more likely you’ll pick it up often and use it.

Happy journaling!