Where to begin? At the beginning? Is there ever a real beginning? Or is it just the realization of an ending?

Anyways, I’d like to start with one of my earlier memories of my love of the written word. It was in third grade during our Secret Santa gift exchange. I will never forget the look on the face of my Secret Santa as she unwrapped my gift. The gift I carefully and lovingly chose and wrapped for her: three of my favorite books. Yes, my FAVORITES. How special and valuable they were to me and I just knew these would be the perfect gift for Ementrice. But when she opened it her expression mimicked the crumpled paper. Her child face would not hide the disappointment of having received three very worn overly used and loved books.

Fast forward umpteen years later and lesson learned, I now gift new or gently used books and my love of reading has expanded into writing. So here I am writing my first entry of my first online blog. And the beginning of my blog journey began with email journals sent to family and friends while living in Asia. It was my remedy to homesickness, using words and photographs to document my experience. A window into my world, I could reach out and touch someone. And now again I feel the need to reach out and be connected as I enter into a new foreign land: motherhood.