who am iThis person I am becoming…it’s a process of remembering and forgetting and recycling over and shedding. There are layers not needed. There are layers forgotten yet necessary. There are bare bones requiring nothing. Nothing but the use of what they were made for: the foundation.

Who am I?

What are my bare bones?

I’m in the process of stitching together the pieces of my story. Reassembling the original package of my soul all the while acquiring more stuff along the journey.

Sometimes I want a time out. A long rest. A pause. Full of space and time and energy to do the work required. Sometimes I don’t want to show up at all. Sometimes I want to stop. Breathe. Gather my self.

Gather my self.

Gather my self.

For now, I keep showing up and little by little connect the dots, stitch by stitch, I put together what I tossed in so many pieces to him, her, them, the it, the hurts, the pains…

I am collecting the parts of me that matter. That matter to me. And putting to rest the rest. I begin to make sense of it all and write the story, my story the way it was meant to be written. In my hand, in my voice and of my imaginings.