Book title:

The 13 Original Clan Mothers: Your Sacred Path to Discovering the Gifts, Talents & Abilities of the Feminine Through the Ancient Teachings of the Sisterhood

by Jamie Sams

This is one of my favorite books on my long, long list of personal favs. I highly recommend this book for any woman looking to add to their soul gardening toolbox. This wonderful book shares the beautiful picturesque stories of the 13 original clan mothers as a personal guide for any woman seeking a deeper knowing and connection to the sacred feminine and soul healing.

“It was through these Thirteen Clan Mothers that the truth of healing was discovered: When we heal ourselves, others are healed. When we nurture our dreams, we give birth to the dreams of humankind. When we walk as loving aspects of the Earth Mother, we become the fertile, life-giving Mothers of the Creative Force. When we honor our bodies, our health, and our emotional needs, we make space for our dreams to come into being. When we speak the truth from our healed hearts, we allow life abundant to continue on our Mother Planet.

-Jamie Sams, excerpt taken from The 13 Original Clan Mothers