self care

This past month, self-care has returned to my world.

It included my first-ever acupuncture session, 2 flotation therapy sessions and a  3-day yoga retreat.

As a work-at-home artist and mother of two young boys, replenishing my well usually falls last on the list. But after feelings of lack (not-enough time/resources/self-worth) crept into my head and seemed to be taking up residence, I had to do something. Too many consecutive days of feeling down and out. Not the kind of life I wanted to claim. Self-care was urgently moved to Top Priority.

During the intake at the acupuncture appointment, I was told I was running on fumes. I thought, “That’s what this is?” My well was empty. No wonder I couldn’t get motivated enough to “DO”, no wonder my ideas weren’t taking root. No wonder. I couldn’t water my seeds because I was depleted.

Over the years, my life has been a dance between success and failure. And my thermometer for Success and Failure directly depends on my perspective which directly depends on the state of my well. Only now am I beginning to understand its importance.

Replenishing ourselves aka maintaining one’s well takes dedication, vigilance and surrender.

  • Dedication: Devote oneself fully to taking great loving care of the Divine Life Force that embodies you.
  • Vigilance: Be ever watchful, giving keen attention to the quality of your inner and outer world.
  • Surrender: Let go and surrender to the present moment. Allow yourself to fully occupy the now and accept what is. Then act on behalf of honoring oneself. Reclaim Authenticity. (Divinity Now)

I consider each of us like flowers. We hold great beauty and bounty yet our inner needs are as diverse as our outward expressions. The health of our seeds are in exact proportion to the state of our wells. Let’s have the courage to think BIG and act small – the small acts of kindness, love, and attention we give ourselves daily allow us to take up greater space in the world and have a meaningful and long lasting impact.

Let’s support and encourage one another to keep the wells filled.