gansta lilies
the other day i saw an amazing sight.

I was driving on the freeway about 60mph winding around curves when I noticed something I considered amazing. It was a towering tree in full bloom with luscious billowy yellow flowers. They were huge and magnificent. This tree was blooming alongside this very busy and congested freeway. And my first immediate thought was,”That’s so gangsta!”

The next thought was how bad ass those flowers were in attracting the pollinators needed to fulfill their life mission while in the midst of exhaust fumes and ruckus from way too many vehicles. M*f*in’ gangsta!

Imagine being so sure of yourself and in tune with your purpose, that no matter what the circumstance is you choose to thrive. You choose to live a very full and blossoming life and shine on and be seen in all your glory because being seen in all your vibrancy is exactly what it takes to keep you alive.

I wanna be m*f*in’ gangsta too! I wanna live my life like those flowers: so full and sure of myself, never wondering, never doubting, just living on full blast what I was born to do: THRIVE.