eternal strength

Tonight I was reading something which stirred my soul, my spirit. It made me remember what I am here to do.

I am here to remember. I am here to remember I am One with the Infinite Power, Infinite Intelligence, Creator, God, Source, Great Mystery… I am One. And that is my only job, my soul sole purpose, to remember there is no separation only One.  And my job is to remember and realize this through my conscious alignment with Source.

My eldest son’s name means Eternal Strength. And each day I learn from Eternal Strength through the many lessons he brings to me many moments of the day. And the opportunity of seeing our connection to Source – that we are One, perfect and whole –  many times is missed. BUT I am willing and wanting to get it. And getting it begins with me. Every time I allow my light to shine and remember I am One with Infinite Power, it allows me to see his connection to Source and be in awe and great appreciation of his light.

Yes, even when I find my hair conditioner bottle in the toilet with his poop, even when I have repeated too many times “please put on your shoes”, even when he snatches a toy from his little brother and makes him cry.  For every antic I encounter I will allow my light to shine bright. Because I’m really getting tired of my auto-pilot drive of getting upset, yelling and acting-a-monkey aka reaction mode. Not cool. I will take a deep breath, affirm Light, allow a smile, even a laugh to bubble up and restore order through great love and deliberate kind clear thinking.

A prayer for my sons:

May your light shine bright.

May your peace be solely yours.

May you know Source intimately and infinitely.

May you be the keeper of your peace.

May you know that you are always loved, protected and accepted.

For the light that shines bright in you is Infinite, always was, is and will be the undying eternal strength, power, Source of life of All.