my menHere we are now. Now here. N o w h e r e.

We had a fabulous summer vacation on the mainland and returned home to Hawaii in a flurry of packing, moving, unpacking and settling into our new home. And what lush and beautiful surroundings we find ourselves.

I’d really like to chat a long time about the external beauty of this place but I’d rather use this space to record what is really on my mind: authenticity. Authentic: not false or copied; genuine; real; of undisputed origin.

This origin of mine is God. Its the same origin of everything that exists. See I understand this intellectually yet I am still re-membering the truth of it. Cuz everything that exists in the external world ain’t all beauty in my eyes yet it’s all God. Source Energy. That-which-cannot-be-named. Pure Energy. Space. Eternal. The Truth of It All.

My eldest son asks a lot of questions about God and I timidly give him answers. Cause really, I have just as many questions yet I am finding my way. I can say this word and that word about God and put them into sentences that sound a lot like what you may here in a church or read in a holy book, but for me, that would not be authentic to how I see things right now. And right now here, I believe God is a force that must be felt and seen in the unseen, through the living, in the beholding of one another with unconditional love.

Yet with the words of belief that I express, I often times find it elusive within my life so I make sure to capture the moments in the photographs, the drawings, paintings and all the other ways God/Source Energy finds a way to align with my inner and outer sight.

So here I am reintroducing myself to my rightful place in the world: a master recorder of the Divine aka Artist.