Don’t have much to say tonight so I’ll just say what I’m feeling……

Tonight I feel like eating a big ole bag of chips with some maple log donuts from Zippy’s and a big bowl of chocolate ice cream on the side while watching reruns of something ignorant, funny and mind-numbing. Tonight I feel like delving deep into the cookie jar.

It’s been chilly and rainy here in Mililani for what seems forever and I’m starting to feel like going into hibernation mode and packing on some pounds with comfort food.

Comfort. The comfort of sleeping in on a rainy day. The comfort of laying in bed and reading. The comfort of eating yummy (aint-got-no-nutrition-up-in-here) comfort food. The comfort of wrapping yourself up in a blanket, burrito-style and snuggling cozy for the night.

Contorting my body nightly for one babe to nurse on one side while keeping the toddler reassured mommy’s there with the other side brings on the stiff neck and not to mention all the other acrobatics this body goes through daily keeping up with the two little ones. Plus the dancing: dance classes, dance rehearsals, dance performances. Yes, I DO love dancing and got the aches and pains that come along with it. But I DO love relaxing and relishing and basking into pure laziness, doing absolutely nothing, melting into a plush cushy couch, lounging in soft fluffy pillows, curling up in a big huge down comforter (what a perfect name). I guess what I’m saying in too many words is that I long for physical comfort. You know the kind of comfort that takes you back to the womb. So warm, so snug, so perfectly fit.

Well Sandman’s throwing sand in my eyes. good night and sleep tight.