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I must believe in miracles: that magical majestical moment where fear dissolves and Light radiates and permeates everything in Love and Eternal Life. I drew this tonight because I need a physical reminder/compass that I do believe in miracles. I believe in Beauty and the power of One. I do believe in majestical beings. And Prince was the Prince of them all in my eyes. His transition is shaking the foundations of where I stand in the world right...

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What Dreams May Come

Posted by on Apr 10, 2016 in artwork |

Process began with hunting through various (approx. 10 different) magazines for images that called to me. As I gathered the images, at least 20 different images, I started the process of sorting. I drew the image of the budding flower on day two of the process. This flower became my inspiration for the story and led me to choose the final images used for the box. The final additions were the palm tree seeds and stalks. This process took...

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water healing

Posted by on Dec 8, 2015 in artwork | 2 comments

I participated in the Artist Program at Dream Float Hawaii and created this piece as my response to my recent float experience. A free writing piece was inspired as well: “ancestral wisdom connection water wise healing cradle held & supported totally surrounded by love & support from my angels guardians ancestors in all their many forms. I am held always. I am loved beyond loved. water is my mother water is my father water is...

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Mother May I

Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in artwork | 2 comments

she drew herself…this beautiful spirit came across the page firstly as swirls that just kept on going until she saw me and I saw her and we danced together on this page leading me the whole way. This image speaks of the guiding light that each one of us possesses. Because the light is our domain. We are Light and it will always guide us as long as we allow it to be...

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god’s love aka inspired ideas

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I love beauty and feeling good and this image combines these two. In a moment of truly feeling excited for and about life, it started out as pretty swirls and flowers (flowers make me happy) and it kept growing. Then I was inspired to add a woman and the final touch of the dandelion pollen -aka wish flowers- came by mistake which was a truly meant-to-be mistake. And the title came afterwards, it described the process of making this piece....

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