A new day. I made a promise to myself to use this site as practice for showing what I create artistically. I’ve added a few more images in the art section of the blog. Please check it out if you get a chance.

Recently I’ve been focused on moving past my fears around creating art (paintings, drawings, photos, etc.) and using my creativity as a tool for creating income. And this site is a baby step in the direction of Doing. Doing the work and showing it. I’m getting tired of being an in-the-closet artist.

I’ve read a few books on flexing the creative muscle and on moving past fear. I feel in my gut, I’m entering the time in my life to USE all the great stuff I’ve read over the years and now live the words. It’s an exciting time but really, I’m nervous. Just look at all these words I’m writing which is really just me procrastinating (which goes hand in hand with being a perfectionist and control-freak).

Here are a few of the books I’ve found helpful (in theory):

The Artist Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron

The Creative Habit: Learn and Use It for Life by Twyla Tharp

I Will Not Die An Unlived Life: Reclaiming Purpose and Passion by Dawna Markova

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Hopefully, the help will translate into practice. A daily practice. Ok, Ok, monthly. “Baby steps. Baby steps.” To quote Bob (What about Bob?).

Dusting off the cobwebs of my memory for the book titles makes me want to reread these books. But the task of reading the books will become The Thing To Do instead of Making Some Art. So, no go.

And stay tuned, more art to come. Whether old or new, it’s coming out!