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I must believe in miracles: that magical majestical moment where fear dissolves and Light radiates and permeates everything in Love and Eternal Life. I drew this tonight because I need a physical reminder/compass that I do believe in miracles. I believe in Beauty and the power of One. I do believe in majestical beings. And Prince was the Prince of them all in my eyes. His transition is shaking the foundations of where I stand in the world right...

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Here I am affected. In a way that I don’t understand. I consider myself book smart, street smart and plain old fashioned intelligent. But this. This here. What I am feeling. I do not understand. I talk, talk, talk about it, I read about other people’s experiences with this loss, externally I am doing what any intellectual would do – analyze it (to death). Its been 9 days and 9 nights since The Day. My emotions have been all...

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