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Don’t have much to say tonight so I’ll just say what I’m feeling…… Tonight I feel like eating a big ole bag of chips with some maple log donuts from Zippy’s and a big bowl of chocolate ice cream on the side while watching reruns of something ignorant, funny and mind-numbing. Tonight I feel like delving deep into the cookie jar. It’s been chilly and rainy here in Mililani for what seems forever and...

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end of a day

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Endings. Beginnings. New Days. New Year. Happy Chinese New Year! New beginnings mark endings. In this time of marking a new year and a new beginning, I’ve been meditating on this: exactly, What is ending? Well…I’ll start here: broken promises. It is imperative that I Begin to consistently keep my word.¬†Your word is your bond. Your word is your power. And I’m not just talking about what I tell other people, but what I...

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